100 word challenge week #8

I glided off the cliff side into the sparkling water. My dog, Fern was swimming eagerly beside me. Earlier in the day we had celebrated my birthday and we were finishing it of my jumping into the lake, as I scrambled out of the water I grasped a white towel and wrapped it around me. I shivered as I plonked myself down by the fire, the amber flames licked desperately at my bare feet. My family sat around the fire shivering while stuffing there mouths with roasted marshmallows. As I gradually warmed up I sprinted back up to the cliff…

100 word challenge week #7

I brushed the dirt from my sweater as I stood up. My old scruffy backpack lay limply on the ground I shoved it onto my back and ran home. As I walked inside I could hear my mum cooking in the kitchen I gingerly walked in “Hey” I whimpered “Hey what’s that on your sweatshirt” She yelled “I fell over” I replied “I spent so much on that sweatshirt and you go and ruin it!” She shoved me to the ground and as the door slammed, I knew I would be in trouble again. A tear dribbled down my cheek.

100 word challenge week #6

I bent down to my dog Lottie’s height and clipped on her plum red lead, she merrily walked out the door with me pulling on her lead behind her. As we turned round the corner Lottie jumped into a run. It was a duck not again I thought to myself as I got dragged across grass all of a sudden I went tumbling into a pond my head hit the bottom of the pond as my gumboots stood tall at the surface I scraped the sloppy glop of the pond of myself as I bailed my self out. Not again!!!!!!!

100 word challenge week #3

I brushed Crocodile´s blonde fur and placed my saddle on her gingerly. She twisted her head and nudged me gently, as I knelt down to see her fresh cut professor purple walked in ¨Hows that cut healing its quite a difficult injury sadly a scar will probably form¨ He said ¨Yeah¨ I mumbled. Professor purple knelt down and sprinkled a grey dust on Crocodile ¨whats that¨ I questioned, He looked up ¨Poison¨ He screamed. I jumped up from the hay bale and ran after him ¨you evil man¨ I yelled. all of a sudden I started to fly got him!


100 word challenge week #2

I shiver gingerly as I wrap my bare arms around my wet body I urge to go back into the water but the thought of the coldness pushes me back. As I stare at the sand millions of beads come flushing up to the beach I hop around as the sharp beads prick my feet. People flee from the beach as beads scatter the shores. As my feet pick up a pace a large round light bulb hurls towards me I urge to the ground I scream in pain as showers of beads hurl over me this is the end…..

random writing #1

The yacht bobbed at a slow pace in the windy conditions, I reached for my coat as the wind froze my body I shuddered “Mum is there a storm coming?” I knew the answser but I just wanted to make sure anyway.”Yes go help your sister make dinner you shouldn’t be up here” she murmured. As I thumped down the to the bottom of the yacht. It tipped. The soup on the stove fell onto my sister She shrieked in in pain as the hot soup covered her body. “I ran to find my mother but she was gone.”Daisy over here” she was lying on her back in the ocean I ran for the life ring as My sisters screams echoed in my head. As I finally pulled my mum back up my Dad come up to the deck carrying my sister who was now covered in burns…

100 word challenge week #1

I stuffed my soggy cornflakes in my mouth as my mum tugged on my curly brown hair. “Hurry up mum” I said between mouth full’s of cornflakes “I’m really trying! Ok all done!”. I felt my hair it was done in to french braids it was good enough. I could her Zoe shouting my name as I ran to the stables. “So what lies ahead of this trek” Zoe asks “Oh I don’t know why don’t we take the river trek!” I said “For once” mimicked Zoe. As we neared the start of the trek There was a loud bang…

short writing :)

The soft fur of the bunny brushed my rosy cheeks. Its beading eyes stared up at me as my arms nuzzled the bunny close to my chest. “This is the one”I whispered……

100 word challenge week #47

I tugged on my blue silk dress, I spinned around and admired myself. As I ran outside, I stumbled on a white shoe. I brushed of the dry dirt from my knees as I turned around to see large footprints marking the ground I shuddered. I  gingerly leapt from the ground and ran into the forest. “The shoes your’s now” A strange whisper echoed through the forest. “Hello who’s that?” I mumbled “I am your ghost” said the voice “My what?” I cried. All of a sudden I was whirled into a maze of colour I feel to my knees……

100 word challenge week #46

the ground shook I grasped my teddy. My light shook violently above me. “MUM DAD” I screamed “Lily stay calm I’m coming” I could hear my Dad’s footsteps as he sprinted down the hallway. my little sister was screeching in terror “Lily come here” my Dad held me as we huddled under the doorway. Then all of a sudden it went dark “Dad?” I frantically waved my arms around as my eyes were blinded by the darkness. Hours later as the lights flickered back on I gazed at our hallway which was now a long strip of dust and rubble.